true love spells

true love spells to make your partner love you for true


There are many spells which are cast for different purpose and many people do use this true love spells to get true love .This love spell are specially for finding true loves. If you are not still find your soulmate , you will find your love by casting this spells. As it is seen that you are away from your love. Although you have search for him/her many times, they are near around you ,but you are not able to find them. With the help of true love spells you will be able to get closure to your love ones .You will get the person who is made only and only for you.

true love spells
Santeria love spells is used to find your soulmate and give you a romantic life ahead, the santeria spell is used to get to the desire love. The result of this spell is temporary and you should not be worry about the results. For this spell ,you need 2 pink candles, pictures of yourself, a pink heart of construct paper. Write your desires ,wishes on the back of heart. Be straightforward and honest about it. Now set two pink candles 1 foot apart. One candle indicate you and one candle indicate your true love spells one. Put picture right next to candle ,symbolize you and put heart on top of picture touching candles. Light the candles and be cautious about the fire. Burn the candles in 7 minutes. Then get candle of your soulmate little closure .Repeat this process for 7 nights. On the 7th night ,be sure that candles are touching pictures and heart. Let the candles burn .Then take heart and picture to a safe place, wish that your desires becomes true. Then after take picture and heart to nature by bury them into ocean, or river.
Wiccan love spell is also used to find true love, it is very useful spell for finding true love. Wicca love spell is complicated but effective by both supernatural and natural forces helping you. For this spell it needed one piece of parchment paper, a wooden pencil,1 pink candle,1 tablespoon dried chamomile,1 tablespoon dried catnip,3 drops lavender oil, matches. Draw a circle ,light the pink candle, write your name on parchment paper. Now drop 3 lavender oil drops on your name .Add one tablespoon dried chamomile and 1 tablespoon dried catnip. Take pink candle into your right hand .Now open your mind for the spell. While holding candle ,your eyes should be close and do wishes, this bring energies. Now use candle and drop wax on top of your name and the oil and dried herbs. When you are dropping wax focus on wish to get your soulmate. Now bury the ashes into nature.
The Obeah Love Spell is also take you to find your true love. It will remove all the obstacles which are coming in front of you. It will give you a positive energy that will help you to find your love. Some people who does not get their true love are worry about that they will find true love in their life or not. For doing this spell, it need a picture of you and your lover or something that is ever touched by your lover, a piece of parchment paper,a piece of black yarn, a pink candle ,one toothpick. Use toothpick to get your name as well your lovers name in candle wax. Light the candle ,put your hands over flame ,with pencil write your name and your lovers name on parchment paper. Drop the wax on your name as they are covered by wax. Now take your picture and lover picture, wrap them in parchment paper. Tie the yarn around candle burn itself. Put the package under your bed and do it for next 7 days, Then burn the ashes.
Moon Love Spell is also love spell to find your love. Some people do this spell to get their dreams comes true. For this spell ,you need 1 pink candle,1 piece of parchment paper. A bowl with 13 table spoon of water ,3 drops of rose oil, mix rose oil into water, light the pink candle, take the pink candle ,when you are holding candle, connect your wishes to the moon. Build more energy as you can, now drop 13 drops on parchment paper and focus on your wishes. Now dip fingers in water and rose oil and drops on the parchment paper .Do this process 7 times, once you have done your wishes ,thank moon and blow off candle. Then burn the parchment paper and burn the ashes. Now light the remaining candle to full moon as it is burned itself.