candle love spell

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The life is all about love. Every person in this world want love. Some people found their soulmate, but some of them are still waiting to find their love. Candle love spell is used to find true love. It is as complicated as love.
Pink candle is spell is the candle love spell which is used to find your desire love. Take a new pink candle, white piece of paper, and a pen. Now sit on peaceful place where no one can disturb you. You must be positive and honest about your love. Do not focus on other things and concentrate on love spell. Light the pink candle on Friday night. Write your name and your lover name on the white paper. Draw a circle around your name and also on your lovers name. Now focus on your lover and see the happiness and energy in you. Repeat the spell three times, just look at the candle for 15 minutes and do this process for seven nights.
This is another candle love spell which is cast to get a perfect partner, you could use this spell to entice a person you love the most in this world. For this spell you need a white candle, one candle of your favourite color. You also needed a cloth of pink or red colour, and a pink chalk. You need a clear space because this spell take some days.

candle love spell
Now hold white candle in your hand and think about the qualities you want in your partner, this candle will represent your future love. Take another candle, this candle represent you. Now layout pink color cloth and put candles in holders on side of cloth. In the middle of cloth, in between candles, draw a heart of pink chalk. Now on every evening. focus on both candles and concentrate on the future love life. Then take both candle closer. Do this until candles are getting together in the middle of heart, it should be done at least for 7 days. When both candles are getting on the side of heart, draw another heart around the first. Light them every evening and burn them. Y ou will get the desired result.
Candle love spells are the most popular candle spells. For this spells you need three slim red candles ,length of red string, rose oil ,lavender oil, yarrow oil. Draw a heart with pentagram inside all three candles. Anoint each candle with any of the oils, then bundle them with red string, so that their symbol are touching middle of the group. Now tie string and set them up in a candle holder. Burn the 3 candles and snuff them. Repeat this process for two nights.
Candle melding love spell is also used to get your love. You need a two red human figures, ginger oil. Anoint candle with oil and place them on a holder. They should touch each other. Now light both candles and think of your love as wax is running between the candles and concentrate on the spell until the candles are joined. Do this process until you get your love.
Moon magic spell is also used to find true love. Use the power of moon to get your dream comes true. It should be cast with full awareness as it is very effective love spell. It should be perform when moon is getting larger in shape. For this spell you need a one pink candle, one piece of parchment paper,13 tablespoon of water in small bowl, three drops of rose oil, three drops of jasmine oil. Mix the rose oil and jasmine oil into water Light the pink candle ,now take pink candle in your right hand. Open your mind for the spell. Now drop 13 drops on the parchment paper. After that dip your finger into water and rose oil and jasmine oil. Mix drops and sprinkle it on the parchment paper .After you have done your wishes blow off the candles, burn the parchment paper.
So this are some candle love spells to find your soulmate who are around you but your not still finding them, with help of this spell you will able to get your fantasy come true. Your life will be filled with happiness and joy after getting your life partner