ancient love spell

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Love Magic is to attract a person for whom you are dreaming to spent entire life. It is used to enthrall love, sex of one’s life. The use of love spell is to entice one’s heart and soul. The love magic is not done in the present time , but it was also done in the ancient time.
One of the most popular ancient love spell is Ancient Egyptian Magic Spell, as for centuries Egyptian have the magic powers. Many Egyptian spell involved evil spirit, Egyptian magic is light hearted and meaningful. They cast

They cast love spell on both men and women. There are many items required in the ancient love spell, it requires hair strand and nail pieces. Many casters recommend to increase your desire and use them to get your fantasy comes true.
Magic rituals also ask one to drink magic potion after magical spell is done. You need several aromatic plants, metals. Malachite is a green stone that provides happiness. Phallus is the symbol of birth. Bastet is something related to love and affection for love. Egyptian love spell is begin five or six thousand year ago, love spell was getting popular and popular those days, spells were hot, love casting was getting increased day by day.

ancient love spell
The magic there was a symbol of wisdom and arts .Greek people take this tradition of magic forward, this was begin in the 3rd and 4th BC. The Philia love spell is said to be the symbol of love and also sexual passion. This love spell are cast mainly by women on their men to get interested on them. Agoge spell used in pin studded dolls. Philia love spell are used to pull someone away from home and loved ones , but restore feelings.
Ancient love spell also have the gypsy love spell . In this it requires a onion or garlic bulb, write your lover name and wish to have them in your life. Now plant the bulb in red pot with drops of floor blood. Every day in the morning and evening you should water the pot.
The witchcraft love spell is ancient love spell which is popular in the modern time, it is cast by many people to get their life partner. The ancient love spell is effective in long distance love problems. To cast witchcraft love spell, you need 2 small pieces of parchment paper, 1 large piece of parchment paper, a wooden pencil, 1 pink candle . Now draw circle ,light the pink candle , write your name on one small piece of paper and your lovers name on the other parchment paper, by using pencil draw a heart around each name. Use candle wax and drop wax on top of heart that you have drawn, while dropping the wax, concentrate on your wishes ,try to make more energies as possible. Now use large piece of parchment paper, write both names on the paper. Draw a circle around the names. By using candle draw wax on the top of the circle that you have drawn. Once you have covered the circle with wax , blow off the candle , wrap the large paper around two small pieces of paper. Now bury piece of parchment paper to nature.
Black Magic spell are also related to the ancient love spell. It does not mean evil magic. The hidden magic with time known as dark art. It invokes the ancient spirits and forces. Black magic is more powerful when they are done with passion and honesty. You also need to develop the skills of concentration and meditation. For this spell you needed a1 chicken wing, 1 pink candle, 1 sterile needle, 3 drops of your blood , yarn of thread, matches , 1 large sheet of parchment paper. Light the pink candle with wooden matches, use chicken wings to draw lovers name which you will not able to see. On the top of name draw your name. Now use the candle and drop 7 wax on the paper. Use needle of blood and drop it also on the paper. While wax is drooping focus on your lover to fall in love with you .Now wrap chicken wing in the paper and use the yarn to get into small package ,on the same day bury them.